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Coold forming by the process of thread rolling

Thread rolling is a process for forming screw threads, with the former referring to creating external threads. Threads are formed into a blank by pressing a shaped tool, commonly called a 'thread rolling die' against the blank

There are two different types the threads are rolled:

Infeed rolling

The mostly cylindrical tool is at least as wide as the profile that has to be rolled and is rolled on the complete length at once. This method is rather fast but as longer the profile is as more force is needed which limits the length.

Throughfeed rolling

The tool is only as wide as it is necessary for the profile (in accordance to the pitch) and has a taper lead in area, a cylindrical calibration area and a runout. During the rolling process the worpiece moves axially through the rollers so the you can roll infinite lengths theoretically.

Advantages of thread rolling:

  • Unbroken grain flow line of the workpiece material
  • Increased surface hardness of the rolled profile
  • Polished surface
  • Fast compared to chipped machining
  • Less material is needed compared to chipped machining

With the thread rolling machines from Rollwalztechnik you can either roll in infeed or through feed operation and have all the advantages that the thread rolling process provides.

Rollwalztechnik Abele + Höltich GmbH is your reliable partner for all thread rolling needs!

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