Cold forming using the thread rolling process


Thread rolling is the non-cutting production of rotationally symmetrical profiles on the surface of corresponding workpieces using cold forming. In this process, the profile of the die is mapped onto the blank. In addition to threads of all kinds, knurls, splines and similar profiles are also rolled – a wide variety of tools, dies and machines from RWT are used for this purpose.

Rollwalztechnik Abele + Höltich GmbH specialises in the process with two round dies, but also supplies dies for almost all other machine types.

Basically, two manufacturing methods, which differ greatly from one another, are distinguished:

Grooving/infeed process

The usually cylindrical die is at least as wide as the profile to be rolled. It is rolled over the entire length at once – which makes this method very fast. However, larger widths have a high power requirement and are therefore limited in length.

Continuous/throughfeed process

Depending on the pitch, the die is only as wide as makes sense for the profile in question. It has an inlet area, a cylindrical area for calibrating the profile and an outlet area. During rolling, the workpieces are transported axially through the die, so that theoretically endless lengths can be rolled.

Advantages of thread rolling

With the thread rolling machines from Rollwalztechnik Abele + Höltich, you can roll in both the grooving/infeed and the continuous/throughfeed rolling processes. You will benefit from many advantages:

  • Uninterrupted fibre flow of the workpiece material
  • Surface consolidation in rolled profile
  • Press polished/burnished surface
  • Faster compared to cutting processes
  • Lower material requirements compared to cutting processes

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