Professional cold forming at RWT

RWT designs high-precision and customised machines whose operating principles are based on practical and technical expertise gained over more than 40 years.

Already more than 700 machines for the most diverse requirements have been produced here in Hegau – from planning and development to assembly for worldwide use. The difference to conventional machines lies in the advanced RWT design. The design and construction teams have acquired this know-how in the field of thread and profile rolling through many years of practical experience – just one of our strengths that makes us your competent partner.


Your advantage
Roll stand with tie rod construction
Maximum rigidity of the roll stand
Roll spindle bearings with full complement, cageless cylindrical roller bearings
Maximum load carrying capacity in the smallest space
Guides of the rolling carriage with maintenance-free, low-wear sleeve bearings
No central lubrication requiredg
Stable welded frame as a base
⇒ Flexible expansion and attachment options
Hydraulics, electrics and coolant unit as modular individual assemblies integrated into the machine
Service friendly

Structure & compact design

The design of RWT thread rolling machines allows universal application of rolling processes with round dies, such as grooving/infeed and continuous/throughfeed rolling with tilted rolling spindles, as well as the combination of both processes. Due to the compact design of the machine structure as a friction-locked roll stand, the rolling forces are safely controlled at all times.
The self-lubricating, asymmetrically arranged 3- or 4-fold column guide prevents the moving slides from bouncing – an important prerequisite for improving the service life of the rolling dies.

A consistent assembly system for drive, control and hydraulic components from series products of renowned German manufacturers ensures trouble-free repair or spare parts procurement and simplifies service work.

Further options

The RWT machine concept offers further possibilities in the form of flexible adaptation to the production tasks, for example through control system expansion, drive variants or additional assemblies and the integration of the roll stand into transfer lines. Depending on the type of workpiece, we can offer you a wide range of automation options. The basic principle for our machine program is the universal application possibility for all rolling tasks.

This is ensured thanks to the completely thought-through construction concept and, where necessary, can be realised by additional assemblies and equipment components.