RWT supplies newest generation state-of-the-art thread rolling machines equipped with the latest technology – such as symmetrical design incorporating two hydraulic servo cylinders.

These machines are ideal for automation – the workpiece does not experience any eccentricity during machining. The symmetrical design also results in a positive effect on die lifespan. Of course, this series additionally offers the same advantages that characterise other RWT machine types:

Your advantage
Roll stand with tie rod construction
Maximum rigidity of the roll stand
Roll spindle bearings with full complement, cageless cylindrical roller bearings
Maximum load carrying capacity in the smallest space
Guides of the rolling carriage with maintenance-free, low-wear sleeve bearings
No central lubrication requiredg
Stable welded frame as a base
⇒ Flexible expansion and attachment options
Hydraulics, electrics and coolant unit as modular individual assemblies integrated into the machine
Service friendly


  • Hydraulics and coolant units integrated in the machine as modular, service-friendly individual assemblies.
  • Mobile electrical cabinet arranged next to the machine with swiveling control panel.
  • CNC control for 2 to max. 7 axes with simple user guidance. Almost any number of workpiece programs can be saved.
  • With the software specially developed for our thread rolling machines, an improvement in the penetration characteristics, the material flow behavior and the profile geometry is achieved.