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RWT thread rolling machines differ from conventional machines because of their advanced design, developed over many years of experience in the field of thread profile rolling. The construction of the RWT thread rolling machines allows universal application of the rolling process with round tools, such as grooved rolling and through-feed rolling with swiveling rolling spindles, and the combination of the two processes.

Compact Design

As a result of the compact design of the machines' construction as a force-fit roll stand, the rolling forces are kept under safe control.

The self-lubricating, asymmetrically arranged 3 or 4 pillar guide prevents the moving carriages from rising up. An important prerequisite for improving the life-span of the rolling tools.

A consistent assembly system for drive, control and hydraulic components using standard products from well-known German manufacturers ensures that repairs and finding spare parts present no problems and simplifies maintenance work.

More options

The RWT machine concept offers further possibilities in the form of flexible adaptation to the manufacturing tasks, e.g. through control extension, drive variations or additional component assemblies e.g. the installation of the roll stand in transfer plants.

We are able to offer you a wide range of automation options, depending on the type of workpiece.

The basic principle for our whole range of machines is that they can be used universally for all thread rolling tasks. This is ensured by the well thought-out design and, where necessary, made possible with additional component assemblies and equipment.

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