Ideal for automatic workpiece feed as there is no eccentricity.
Increased life-time of tools compared to conventional machines

Roll frame with tie rod construction
  • Maximum rigidity of the roll stand

Bearing of the rolling spindle with fully rolling, cageless cylinder roller bearings.
  • Maximum load capacity in the smallest space

Maintenance-free, low-wear guideways
  • No central lubrication necessary

Stable welded frame substructure
  • Flexible opportunities for extensions and add-ons

Hydraulics and coolant units as modular component assemblies that are easy to maintain and are integrated into the machine.

Movable electrical cabinet located next to the machine with rotatable control panel.

CNC control for 2 - max. 6 axes with simple user interface.

With the software specially designed for our machines, an improvement in the penetration characteristics, the flow properties of the materials and the profile geometry is achieved.

Thread Rolling Service

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