Spline rolling machine, serration rolling machine, knurling machine, profile rolling machine

To adapt to the increasing demands of technology and to make our machines easier to use, we have developed a new control concept for our machines in collaboration with Beckhoff. This system has the following features

  • Powerful PC with Intel processor
  • Touch-screen
  • Control software based on Beckhoff TwinCAT with integrated soft PLC
  • Fully graphic user interface
  • Digital drive technology
  • Sercos field bus (fiber optic light guide)
  • Simple program input in tabular form
  • PLC functions can be integrated directly into the CNC program sequence
  • Automatic plausibility check of the programs
  • Programs can also be processed externally
  • Optional integrated monitoring strategy (e.g. roll force monitoring)
  • Optional remote diagnosis and maintenance possible via the Internet or modem

Of course, the machines also offer the proven advantages of the previous generations
  • Available from 200 - 600 kN roll force
  • Roll frame with tie rod construction for maximum rigidity
  • Bearing of the rolling spindle with cageless cylinder roller bearings for maximum load capacity in the smallest space
  • Maintenance-free, low-wear guideways. Central lubrication is thus not necessary
  • Stable welded frame as substructure offers flexible opportunities for extensions and add-ons
  • Hydraulics, electrics, coolant units as modular component assemblies integrated into the machine
  • Movable electrical cabinet located next to the machine
  • CNC control: for 1 to 10 axes
  • A wide range of accessories, extensions and automation concepts

  • +/-1 µm for linear axis
  • +/- 0.001° for rotational axis
  • +/- 0.002° for swivel axes

  • Robust three-phase current drive in combination with standard worm gears for 1 axis control
  • Three-phase current servo drive in combination with standard worm gears for 3 axis control and above

CNC spline rolling machine, serration rolling machine, knurling machine, thread rolling machine from Rollwalztechnik Abele + Höltich GmbH.

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