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We supply thread rolls for all makes of machine and rolling heads


We supply tools with know-how, based on our many years of experience in the application technology of thread rolling and in the construction of thread rolling and profile rolling machines.

We supply our HFV quality for rolling workpieces in property classes up to 12.9 and in stainless steel. These tools are extremely cost effective. Customers have been able to achieve a life-span up to four times longer. Also other qualities for all kinds of materials are availbale.

With our SRS thread rolls, setting up the machine becomes child's play. It is no longer necessary to align the tools before rolling here.

  • for all rolling head systems (e.g. Fette, Wagner, Alco)
  • for thread profiles of all types
  • for knurling
  • for burnishing
  • for all rolling head systems (e.g. Fette, Wagner, Reed, Alco, Schütte, Gildemeister, Davenport, Landis)
  • for thread profiles of all sorts
  • for knurling
  • for burnishing

Thread Rolling Service

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