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Based on our expertise and our many years of experience in collaborating with our customers, we have established a "Contract Rolling" department. As a result of the new challenges that continually confront this department, new experiences are always being gained that benefit our customers in rolling threads and splines.

On the machines that we have available (conventional and CNC/AC), we can roll:

  • threads (plunge rolling and throughfeed machines)
  • knurls (plunge rolling and throughfeed machines)
  • splines, serrations (e.g. DIN 5481, ASA, ANSI)
  • burnishing (plunge rolling and throughfeed machines)
  • other rollable profiles

Based on the latest CNC technology, even challenging tasks can be solved. First samples, zero series and tool tests are included in this area. A large stock of tools with the most popular profiles is available.

Thread Rolling Service

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