Contract manufacturing

Thread rolling, spline rolling, knurling, burnishing, etc. as contract work

Expertise and experience with which we relieve our customers and optimise their further processing.

The "contract rolling" department has become an important part of professional cooperation with our customers. Here we face new challenges daily that demand customised requirements.

In their implementation, the knowledge gained is implemented for applications of other customers in the field of thread and spline/toothed gear rolling.


On our machines (conventional and CNC) we can roll on rotationally symmetrical workpieces for you:

  • Thread rolling in infeed and throughfeed processes
  • Knurling in infeed and throughfeed processes
  • Spline, serration rolling (for example DIN 5481, ASA standard etc.)
  • Burnishing in infeed and throughfeed processes
  • other rollable profiles

Custom made

Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC technology and modern machines from our delivery program, even the most demanding tasks can be mastered. This area includes, but is not limited to:

  • Initial sample
  • Zero series
  • Tool/die trials

RWT has a large stock of tools and dies of the most common profiles. Thus, even small batch sizes can be processed economically.